Do You Like Mathematics?

Answer 1 – No, I hate mathematics.

You might as well make friends with math.  It is here to stay!  Even the logic courses in the philosophy departments of universities now use Mathematical Logic!

Maybe you are the victim of here’s-how-you-do-this math teaching.  After working a math problem, do you ever wonder:  “what did I just do?”

Can you imagine, when I was a physics major I hated math because I never knew what the heck we were doing (and I ended up with a Ph.D. in the subject).

One great math teacher changed my attitude towards math and therefore my future.  He explained simply how to see mathematics, and what we were actually doing!

He opened up a universe before me that I never knew existed!

Answer 2 – Yes, but I am not good at it.

Your perception is right on!  Mathematics is something we all can enjoy if it is taught correctly.  Your lack of excellence in math may not be your fault at all!  Please see the comments following the other two answers.

Answer 3 – Yes, and I am good at it.

That’s great!  You are already one step ahead of the game.  However, you may not be aware of the following:

19th century math, currently taught at most schools, is becoming increasingly irrelevant.  Computers and smart calculators can do the same thing, without error and much more quickly!

Did you know that the two greatest discoveries in math took place in the 20th century?  Can you name them?

Come to me and I will teach you Set Theory and Mathematical Logic. They will make any math course you take much easier and more rewarding. Also, they are essential to prepare you for the mathematics of the 21st century!


Do You Like Physics?

Answer 1 – No, I hate physics.

The language of physics is mathematics!  Naturally, if you are bad at mathematics you will be bad at physics.  First make friends with mathematics, and I bet you will find physics much more interesting.

I hated math and was a physics major!  In the beginning I loved physics, but as it became more mathematical, I lost interest in it.

Now that I truly understand mathematics, I really enjoy helping students with their physics!

Answer 2 – Yes, but I am not good at it.

The way to get better at physics is to get better at mathematics.  As I have college degrees in both, I am fully qualified and would be happy to help you with both.

Answer 3 – Yes, and I am good at it.

That’s great!  However, you may not be aware that a 21st century understanding of physics can only come with a 21st century understanding of mathematics, the language of physics.  See Answer 3 under math above.

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